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SITCo Restaurant Card Option

At SITCo. we have often been asked that as the excellent accommodation at Pinewood Lodge is self catering, can SITCo. organise catering to be included in the package.

We appreciate that for some people having the knowledge that there will be available good value, healthy, wholesome food is important.

Discounted Food Prices and Access to Weekly Specials

If you feel that having the independence of self catering would be fantastic and having guaranteed quality meals provided would also be good, then SITCo. are able to offer you the perfect affordable solution that will give you peace of mind, and a fantastic selection of the best quality food in Queenstown.

A SITCo. restaurant card can be purchased for any monetary value, e.g. $100, $200, $400, $600.

This will give you discounted great value food, and it will also allow to you claim the many weekly specials that are only available to card holders.

Simply just add the value of the SITCo. Restaurant card you would like in the notes box of your online application.

SITCo. has teamed up with 4 of Queenstown's best restaurants -
Wai Restaurant,
Bella Cucina,
Public Bar and Kitchen

Once you have your card it can be topped up at anytime.

You don't need to carry money, you can just use your card and order anything off the menu.

SITCo ski on

Enjoy the healthiest, tastiest Value for Money Food in Queenstown

Once you have dined on some of the healthiest, tastiest and best value for money food in Queenstown, then all you need to do is hand over your SITCo. Restaurant card and the bill will be covered.
(you will not be able to purchase alcohol on the SITCo. restaurant card.)

Simple, flexible, great variety, value for money and peace of mind all rolled into one - the SITCo restaurant card.

When you are filling out your online application form, just add on it in the notes box that you would like to purchase a SITCo. Restaurant card, and it will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive in Queenstown.

If you have any questions about the Restaurant Card you can contact us via our Contact page or email us directly

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