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NZSIA Ski Instructor Qualifications

The New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance (NZSIA) has been certifying snowsports instructors since 1971 and has an excellent international reputation.

SITCo.'s Ski Instructor Courses train you for NZSIA qualifications, the NZSIA Level 1, NZSIA Level 2 and NZSIA Level 3 certifications.

NZSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor Qualification

The Level 1 qualification focuses on the introductory levels of teaching, with emphasis on class handling abilities and presentation skills, and with a specific section on children's teaching. The Level 1 is a 5 day exam and is a prerequisite to the Level 2 qualification.

NZSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Qualification

The Level 2 qualification is run over 8 days. It includes 5 days of training, a day off and then two exam days. The course includes modules covering ski improvement, movement analysis, the teaching model, progressions for level three and four students, class handling and safety.

You will be formally assessed on student movement analysis and lesson planning via a video clip followed by a brief discussion with your Examiner. Teaching is assessed on the final day during a 30-minute teaching presentation to other members of their group.

All your SITCo. trainers will be qualified NZSIA instructors, working independently of the NZSIA. Some trainers will also be involved with your final exam, and will at that point be working for the NZSIA.

After you have successfully completed your NZSIA Level 2 there are plenty more opportunities for further development:

  • NZSIA Level 3 (the ISIA level of New Zealand certification).
  • NZSIA Trainers Cert. (the trainer certification).

NZSIA Level 3

The Ski Level Three Certification is for instructors wanting to progress within the snowsports industry to teaching students in all-mountain situations. The Level Three Ski Instructor is fully-certified to teach all levels up to advanced/expert skiers, dynamic turns of various radii and all terrain skiing. The minimum requirements for the Level Three Certification is Ski Level Two or an equivalent foreign qualification.

What Course Is Right For Me?

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Other NZSIA Courses And Qualifications

The NZSIA has a range of other course and qualifications that you can be involved with

The NZSIA also has a very active Snowboard and Telemark divisions.
Visit the NZSIA website for more information.

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