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Level 3 Performance Ski Course

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come to Coronet Peak and The Remarkables to train to develop your skiing, teaching and understanding of high end skiing.

If you are looking for the SITCo Ski Level 3 Internship click here...

The Level 3 Performance Ski Course is designed for people who already have their Level 2 Ski Instructor qualification.

You do not need to be planning to sit the Level 3 to take part in the L3 Perforance Ski Course, you can use the Performance Course as part of a longer term training program, as a training tool, or just for the fun, the challenge and the development of your own skiing skills.

As part of your own personal ski development plan, the Level 3 Performance Course can be used to develop towards NZSIA, BASI, CSIA, PSIA Level 3 or any other certification.

Level 3 Performance Ski Course

We can tailor the L3 performance course to match your needs. Here are some options

5 weeks Aug - Sept 2020

7 weeks July - Sept 2020

8 weeks July - Sept 2020

Price On Request - Tailored to Your Needs

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5 week Course - just Training

7 week Course - NZSIA Pre Courses and Training, No Exam

8 week Course - NZSIA Pre Courses, Training and Exam

NZSIA Level 3 Pre Courses.

These Pre Courses; Ski Pre Course (3 days) and Teaching Pre Course (3 days) are fantastic training days that will really allow you to develop your understanding, performance and teaching of high level skiing.

The NZSIA Pre Courses are a valuable part of the training no matter what system you are coming from.
The NZSIA Level 3 Pre Courses are a prerequisite if you wanted to go forward to the NZSIA Level 3 exam.
You can sign up to sit your NZSIA Level 3 qualification at the end of the SITCo Performance Ski Course, but this is not compulsory.

NZSIA Level 3 is the recognised ISIA Stamp level of qualification.

If you have any questions about what is included, then please don't hesitate to ask for more details - email info@sitco.co.nz

Come to New Zealand, and train with the world renown Snowsports Schools of Coronet Peak and The Remarkables. Ski with international trainers and Demo team members.

Come to New Zealand, and train with the world renown Coronet Peak Snowsports School.

What Course Is Right For Me?

What's Included In The Performance Ski Course?

The Performace Ski Course can be tailored to your requirements, it can Includes -

  • 5, 7 or 8 weeks Accommodation
  • 12 days on snow training from international trainer and demo team members
  • Lift pass - for 2 ski areas - Coronet Peak and The Remarkables
  • Transport - 7 days a week to either mountain
  • Evening/Night sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Full exam preparation
  • Personal goal setting and progress
  • NZSIA manual
  • NZSIA membership
  • NZSIA L3 Ski Pre Course
  • NZSIA L3 Teach Pre Course

Optional extras:

  • Heli ski/board trip
  • Ski/Board tuning seminar
  • Park and Pipe day
  • Race Training
  • Weekly Team Race Event - social/serious racing
  • ISIA International Speed Test
  • BBQ
  • Fun race
  • Freestyle Level 1 course
  • Children's Ski Teaching Certificate Course
  • Avalanche Awareness Course
  • NZSIA L3 Exam

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What Is It Like Doing L3 Performance Ski Training With SITCo?

Adam of his experience

  • quote client

    I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.

    Adam 2010

SITCo Performance Ski Course is designed to allow you to come to NZ and develop you personal ski performance.

You can use the perfect "off season" training environment that NZ provides.

Example of your schedule on the SITCo Performance Ski Course

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What do I need to take part in the Level 3 Performance Ski Course?

Ideally all applicants for this course will have a recognised Level 2 Ski Instructor qualification.

This can be NZSIA Level 2 or APSI, BASI, CSIA, PSIA Level 2.

You need to be committed and ready to work hard to develop your personal skiing.

The SITCo Performance Ski Course linked to the NZSIA L3 Pre-Courses. The NZSIA L3 is a high level of qualification, and it is the ISIA Level.

How Do I Book?

Applying for this course is easy and can be done online, simply go to our Online booking page...

Once you have submitted an application a member of the SITCo team will be in touch.

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