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Work As A Ski Instructor

The info on this page is designed to give you an over view of options that you will have for work after you have completed your SITCo course.

SITCo also run a
Ski Instructor Internship L1+L2 and a
Level 3 Ski Internship Course.

SITCo is a training provider that runs courses and training programs to allow people to achieve their ski instructor qualifications.

We are not an employer, the information here is designed to give people an idea of the opportunities that exist once they have gained their ski instructor qualifications.

If you are looking to work in New Zealand as a ski instructor then you will need to contact the Snowsports School that you would like to work for directly.

SITCo is proud to be based at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables both of which are run by NZSki.

If you are wanting to apply to work as a ski instructor then we advise that you contact them directly on their Online Employment webpage.

What Course Is Right For Me?

What Are My Options Once I Am A Qualified Ski Instructor?

After your SITCo course you will have the world as your mountain to go and work and play.

Working as a ski instructor is a possibility in -
Europe - Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Spain, Germany, UK to name just the big names.
Please note that France is a little bit different and no matter what qualifications you have you will need to consider further qualifications before you can work as a snowboard instructor in France.

North America - USA, Canada

Asia - Japan, Korea, China

Southern Hemisphere - Chile, Argentina, Australia and of course New Zealand

Just remember when you are planning on where you would like to go there is also the issue of work visas and depending on what passport(s) you hold, what age you are etc this might sway you to work in a particular area.

SITCo ski on

What Will Ski Schools Be Looking For When I Apply?

All employers are looking for different things, but in general they will be looking for

Qualifications and personal skills are something that we can help you with.

On a SITCo course not only will you immersed in a program that teaches you how to ski well, how to teach skiing, and the technical does and don't of skiing. You will also be surrounded by, and being coached by some of the worlds leading ski trainers, so you will see how to employ soft skills, how to interact with people in order for them to enjoy their skiing and how to get the best performances from them.

Actual on the job experience is always a tough one, as you "need the experience to get the job" but you "need the job to get the experience".

To help get around this SITCo is constantly forging links with Snowsports Schools around the world, and for every person taking part in a SITCo course you will have the back up and support of all the contacts and all the knowledge that we have in order to help you get that first job.

Before you know it you will be in a mountain resort getting paid to go skiing....living the dream!

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask, you can send us a message via our Contact page or you can email us direct ski@sitco.co.nz .

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